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The Global Land Cover Facility redistributes IKONOS imagery courtesy of the GeoEye Company of Virginia and of NASA. The GLCF redistributes IKONOS imagery that was acquired as part of the NASA Science Data Purchase in 2000-2003. The SDP collection is only available through restricted access, though imagery is free to those scientists who meet the Space Imaging/NASA license requirements. IKONOS-2 is the first successful US Commercial Remote Sensing satellite, and was originally owned by the Space Imaging Company of Colorado. GeoEye now owns IKONOS-2 and imagery from that satellite, as well as the OrbView-3 satellite.

IKONOS imagery is invaluable because of its ultra fine resolution, which makes it suitable for local land cover assessment as well as for validation of more coarse resolution collections (Figure-1). Additionally, IKONOS is valuable because the four multispectral bands approximate the first four bands of Landsat imagery. While they are not immediately interoperable, they can be and still retain scientific integrity.


Figure 1. IKONOS Satellite image of Castaway Cay Island- Bahamas

IKONOS satellite imagery may provides access to any location on the Earth's surface. IKONOS collects vital statistics about the Earth's ever-changing features-from fluctuations in land and water resources to the build-out of new urban areas. Commercial and governmental organizations rely on high-resolution imagery to view, map, measure, monitor and manage global activities. GLCF redistributes this imagery with courtesy of USGS and GeoEye.

In addition to the SDP IKONOS datasets, four scenes of China are also available for download at GLCF. These images are from the western Sichuan area of China. The Global Land Cover Facility appreciates the donation of imagery by GeoEye for the earthquake assessment effort.

IKONOS imagery available through the GLCF is provided in its native format - meaning the GLCF has not processed beyond the level originally provided. The metadata files accompanying this data set explain acquisition, processing and output characteristics. An individual scene is composed of a multispectral acquisition at 4 meter spatial resolution and a panchromatic acquisition at 1 meter spatial resolution. The images are provided in GeoTIFF and should be compatible with most GIS, remote sensing and imaging software. The datum is WGS84.

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Ikonos Imagery
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