MODIS Vegetative Cover Conversion


VCC is designed and generated at the University of Maryland, Department of Geography.

The VCC product is distributed by GLCF in GeoTIFF format using an in-house tile scheme based on a modified UTM grid. VCC data in its native HDF format and Sinusoidal projection may be obtained from the LPDAAC (Land Process Distributed Active Archive Center).

VCC is an alarm product to be used as an indicator of change and not as a means to measure change. The current version of the product is available for two types of land cover conversion: vegetation burning and anthropogenic deforestation. A layer depicting areas of change due to flooding is expected in a later release of the product.

Available Layers

Product Current Extent Frequency
Vegetation burning Global Annual
Vegetation burning Q &A Global Annual
Deforestation Tropics 5-years
Flooding n.a. n.a.

The burn product consists of two 8-bit bands in geographic coordinates. The first band is the data file depicting change and no-change pixels. The second band contains values for the Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) difference (dNBR) for each pixel labeled as change. These values can be used as a confidence measurement, where increasing dNBR values equal increasing confidence in the change.

The current, provisional edition of the VCC burn product is global in coverage, with the exception of sub-Saharan Africa. The algorithm for this area is currently under refinement. Therefore, sub-Saharan tiles are currently unavailable but will become available in future editions.

The anthropogenic deforestation product consists of only one band depicting change and no-change pixels. The data values for this band are the same as those for the burn product (see Value Coding section) and the coverage extent is the tropics, between 30 degrees north and south.

Note: Three small areas of the globe are missing data in this provisional edition of the VCC, including the central Philippines, southern South America, and the eastern Caribbean islands. Every effort will be made to correct this oversight in future editions of the product.

For more detailed information on bands, products, and processing, please review the associated documentation file.

GLCF tile system for MODIS products

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Native tile system for MODIS products

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Native tile system in native sinusoidal projection for MODIS products

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