May 2002 and Prior

  • GLCF attends recent conference, "Sustainable Communities: Science and Solutions" hosted by the National Council on Science and the Environment (NCSE).
  • GLCF negotiates an approved IKONOS tasking for our global network of study sites associated with the NASA/NGO Biodiversity WG
  • GLCF again contracts to provide satellite imagery for UNOPS Crop Monitoring activities
  • LBA project receives GLCF educational materials for use in training sessions
  • In support of activities at Conservation International and GSFC, GLCF provides data linked to successful LCC mapping of Madagascar.
  • GLCF hosts and chairs a meeting of the LBA cluster.
  • Outreach is conducted to both the ecology and banking (risk management) communities regarding products and services of the GLCF.
  • The US and Global Landsat Mosaics are added to the list of other datasets offered by the GLCF.
  • 1995-96 Percent Tree Cover Project due out end Q1, 2002.
  • Gregory Withee, NOAA NESDIS Assistant Administrator visits GLCF. Speakers' presentations available online: Prof. John Townsend, Prof. Joseph JaJa, Prof. Rachel Pinker,Frank Lindsay.
  • UMD Presentations at American Geophysical Union Conference
  • GLCF invites graduate students to apply for our new Data Fellowship program .
  • Global Network Of Sites For Assessing Biogeochemical and Biophysical Consequences Of Land Cover Change now available.
  • GLCF Landsat 7 data made fully FGDC -compliant; DIFs supplied to GCMD .
  • Media cost recovery enters first phase. While data remains free by FTP, media duplication becomes sustainable.
  • GLCF participation in NASA/NGO Biodiversity Working Group enables sharing of data for science mission. Ongoing participation in the WG enables the NGO and NASA science communities to share results, research and publications. Collaboration through the website represents the first step in "virtual science".
  • GLCF provides imagery for crop monitoring.
  • Publication: Kalluri, Satya, Arthur Desch, Troy Curry, Alice Altstatt, Didier Devers, John Townshend, and Compton Tucker. 2001. Historical Satellite Data Used to Map Pan-Amazon Forest Cover: EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union. Volume 82(18): 201, 206-207. Click here to preview poster.
  • GOFC Poster now available by request.
  • GLCF's DMG undertakes providing forest cover maps of the Rift Valley for the Wildlife Conservation Society.
  • GLCF presents Satellite Estimates of Radiative Fluxes (SERF)
  • GLCF's DMG undertakes providing forest cover maps of the Rift Valley for the Wildlife Conservation Society
  • GLCF's Deforestation Mapping Group (DMG) to map forest cover and forest cover change for WRI Global Forest Watch Canada program (GFW)
  • GLCF joins the Sustainability Web Ring. (SWR)
  • Proyecto Tití utilizes GLCF data in its efforts to save the Cotton-top Tamarins.
  • Imagery supplied for epidemiology study in Uganda
  • RSI ENVI FreeLook Software available to people who access LandSat data.
  • PCI Geomatica FreeView now available for download.
  • GLCF provides satellite imagery for The Nature Conservancy's satellite coverage of the Andes
  • Satya Kalluri and Benjamin White publish "Satellites Monitor Los Alamos Fires" in Eos, September 12, 2000. The article was subsequently selected for the AGU companion publication "Earth in Space".
  • Frank Lindsay attends s Meeting.
  • John Townshend completes term as president of the Federation and assumes Chairmanship of GOFC Scientific and Technical Board
  • Frank Lindsay assumes ESIP Metrics Chair
  • Ben White steps up as new GLCF Operations Manager
  • Ben White to chair ESIP LBA-E working group
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