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Major Donation of Satellite Imagery for Protected Areas Hit by Tsunami

February 23, 2005

DigitalGlobe, a commercial satellite operation, has made a major donation to the conservation community for post-tsunami restoration. It was made through an IUCN member, Global Land Cover Facility ( at the University of Maryland, for the use of IUCN members and partners worldwide on tsunami related work. The collection includes over 100 scenes of parks and protected areas in the region. Full Release >>

From 2D to 3D to 4D
NASA Satellite imagery in 3 and 4 dimensions

July 22, 2004

College Park, Maryland -- The University of Maryland's Global Land Cover Facility, one of the world's largest suppliers of free online satellite data, now distributes user-ready editions of land surface topography data from NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). The addition of this data set will allow users to overlay traditional 2D satellite maps on elevation data to achieve a 3D representation of the world. When used in conjunction with the GLCF's land cover change data, essentially a 4D representation of the Earth surface through time can be achieved.  Full Release >>

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